About Us

Experienced Advocacy

Based in Seattle, the Stolle Law Group, P.S. provides experienced, creative, diligent, and cost-effective legal representation in areas of insurance coverage and recovery, insurance defense, general litigation, appeals, and dispute resolution throughout the states of Washington and Oregon.

The firm's mission is to obtain superior results for its clients in a cost-effective manner.  Superior results come from honest evaluation, commitment, planning, preparation, diligence, plain hard work, and a passion for the law.  To be truly great at something you must have a passion for it.  It's that simple.

Contrary to what you may have been told, "superior" and "cost-effective" are not mutually exclusive terms.  But together they require a sharp focus on setting objectives, obtaining the best results, and maximizing client value.  

Obtaining superior results in a cost-effective manner also requires eliminating duplicative and otherwise wasteful legal charges resulting from multiple layers of lawyers doing much the same work on the same case. And at Stolle Law Group, clients are never charged for overhead items, such as Westlaw or Lexis-Nexis charges, and travel is always coach.

In sum, we take a practical approach, doing everything necessary to obtain the best possible result, while minimizing fees and expenses not necessary to attain the client's objectives.